R136 located in the tarantula nebula in the large Magellanic cloud at a distance of approximately 170,000 light years from Earth. The young cluster contains extremely massive, hot and bright stars, including the largest known to science R136a1 with a mass of 250 solar.

Found the company not only very massive, but also extremely bright. Together, all these Holy nine stars brighter than the Sun in 30 million times. Scientists have also been able to probe the mass loss of these monsters. They throw out into space to one earth mass per month at a speed equal to 1% of the speed of light.

Four giant star masses in solar 150 in R136 were discovered by astronomers in 2010. At the time, the extreme properties of these bodies were a surprise as they exceeded the limiting value of the mass of the star, generally accepted at that time. And here's a new census showed that in the cluster there are 5 giant stars exceeding the Sun's mass more than 100 times. New results and the 2010 results raise many questions about the formation of massive stars as the origin of these behemoths is still unknown.