Two days before the next performance, directed by Iosif Reichelgaus, told the artist that it removes from the productions of her partner, the actor said Bagov. According to rumors, the ballerina to communicate with him not only a working relationship - they had an affair. Desperately Volochkova stood up for the colleague, having put the ultimatum - she on stage will not work. However, the Director did not succumb to blackmail and replaced the show with Volochkova another statement. I am shocked that in this setting, the stated said Bugs. She resentfully spoke about the situation, calling the Director and his stage partner traitors.

In turn Joseph Raihelgauz explained that he was forced to remove Volochkova from the play, as she was trying to make his vision of the heroine, which goes against the script. The heroine ballerina - modest girl, but Volochkova wanted to go on stage in outrageous outfits. What is done and at the premiere. According to the Director, in such form to show the statement to the audience he was ashamed, so he took the decision to replace.