Thursday, April 28 will be displayed the play "twentieth century" (at 19.00). The next day, 29 April, viewers will see the "Live painting" (19.00). Thousands of critics scratching their spears, trying to unravel the mysteries that hides behind the story of the creation of a masterpiece. The "Jurassic world" is their version, in which the creations of great painters come to life. Director: Rodion Kuzmin.

30 April (13.00) and may 1 (12.00) will be on display children's setting "The lion, the witch and the wardrobe" based on the work by Clive Lewis Staples. This is a story about the incredible adventures of children in a magical land.

1 may (19.00) you can watch the show "To thee our secret" which premiered this year. Director - Yuri Lunik, actors - Yuri Lunik and Svetlana Stolyarova.

The new production is a joke on the theme of family in one action. In family life, danger lurks at every step. The choice of film may cause divorce, a family holiday could turn into a war, and a joint trip to the store is comparable with the feat.

To sustain such a family of tests capable of only those couples who truly love each other, because love forgives all. We invite the audience to laugh with us over conflict situations, and with humor to treat family problems and troubles...

6 may (19.00) will be showing performance "Shukshin stories Five" - on the works of famous Soviet film Director, actor, writer and screenwriter Vasily Shukshin. There are performances on which to tell makes no sense - they must be seen, first and foremost, these include "Shukshin Stories"...

8 may at 12.00 the young audience will be able to watch interactive baby play "Play Thumbelina" based on the tale by Hans Christian Andersen directed by Svetlana Cenarius. The magic power of the imagination. Is wanted, and the attic will turn into a fairy-tale castle, an old lampshade will become a flower, but any one of us - white fairy tale.

Also on 8 may at 19.00 - drama in two parts "Warsaw melody" by Leonid Zorin work in the production of Seeds Losev. A young man Victor (played by Yuri Lunik), the last war, and the Polish girl Gel (Svetlana Stolyarova) meet at the Moscow Conservatory in December 1946. Can life emerge out of a particular time and how the story affects the lives of people.

Tickets can be purchased at the box office theatre "WASP" (street A. Chuck 67/69, from 16.00 to 19.00), the online or to pre-order (read more here).

Photo - press-service of the theater.