"We do not consider, because it is quite clear that it is necessary to wait decisions of the relevant bodies and specific actions will depend on them," said Brigmanis, adding that Dallas has already given clarification of the Bureau on prevention and struggle against corruption (bpbc) and the state revenue Service (SRS).

"Given the fact that there were only transcripts of individual conversations, not specific facts that could form the basis of a decision on the stay of the Minister in office at the moment, sacs does not consider the issue about resignation of the Minister", — said the Chairman of the faction.

Deputy Chairman of the "Unity" Edward Smelters today after a meeting of the coalition parties told journalists that the participation of Ministers and politicians in the negotiations casts a shadow on the work of the government as a whole. Therefore, "Unity" offers sacs to consider the replacement of the Minister of agriculture.

However, the question of whether "Unity" to support the initiative of the opposition on the resignation of Duklavs, Smelters answered in the negative, noting that it would threaten the stability of the coalition and the government.

In turn, Prime Minister Maris Kuchinskis (sacs) announced that Dallas gave an explanation of the BPSK and the SRS and the results of this review will be to discuss the issue. If Duklavs have nothing to reproach, the response will follow, said the head of government.

Informed Duklavs has said it has no plans to resign as publicly made information that he allegedly concealed property belonging to him and, directly or indirectly, used the position to realize their interests, is a lie.

Duklavs said that actively collaborates with SRS and bpbc, visited these institutions and responded to all questions. He stressed that the requirement of the Latvian Association of regions (ENT) about his resignation based on false allegations. "This is nonsense that they've been written, complete madness," said the politician, adding that feeding is not going to resign.

As reported, the ENT suggested that the Seimas to consider the issue about resignation of the head of benzamidine. For this the party needs to collect the signatures of 10 members, while in its fraction — just seven MPs. Laure urged to sign a request and the other deputies, but until the required number of signatures was not collected.

Bpbc the beginning of the test about published in the journal "Ir" information that Duklavs, perhaps, indirectly owns the land plot in the Riga free port, which he did not indicate in its Declaration. The Minister this information categorically deny.