The incident occurred on the night of 12 March on the Big Academic street in Moscow. According to preliminary data, the elderly woman crossed the road at a pedestrian crossing when she was hit by a BMW X6 running 25-year-old pianist.

The deceased was 78 years of age.

Zatravkin told LifeNews: "I was driving at a speed of 70 kilometers, honestly. But there's three lanes one way, three lanes on the other side, in the middle of the bump. That is, there is not yard road. Went on a green light at the crosswalk was red, respectively. And then suddenly from the left side, after the transition, I see a man. Tried to stop, but all".

Medosvidetelstvovanie showed that Zatravkin was sober. According to him, his version of the accident confirmed by several witnesses.

He also said that in the near future contact with the victim's family. "My inner sense of remorse and grief impossible to convey. I not that that do not justify themselves, I don't know how to punish," he said.