"The special Commission worked for over two years. Therefore, we are in your request, insist was given a list, a report about what the results obtained were used as the money — half a million euros," she said. According to Sudraba, received from the Commission's call to publish data about the secret service KGB in Latvia means that the Commission actually has already finished his work.

"It is important that further action has been scientifically proven to not have problems with human rights and everything else" she said.

"There were people who were in these lists for some secondary reasons. We want to make sure that the Commission has really fulfilled the work that was. To the publication of the list everything was checked, everything was clear and there were problems then, including some claims to the state. So it was correct from the point of view of historical science work", — said Sudraba.

In the case of "bags of KGB", of course, it's time to put an end, says Sudraba. Because it says about it for 25 years:

"Our neighbors in other countries have done this long ago. And to this point has been rightly raised — the Commission worked many years already. How much money is spent! It should be clear how to do, how to finally put an end and move on," she said.

Previously, the Commission for the study of the activities of the KGB decided to appeal to the President Raimonds Vejonis, requesting the repeal of a special law on the KGB and pass on the content of "bags of KGB" to the public. Head of Commission Karlis, Kanheri recalled that the Commission in 2015 is unanimously decided that in the name of historical truth, freedom of expression and social cohesion must fully and immediately disclose and transmit to freely explore all materials of the KGB.

According to Vejonis, the degree of availability of documents will depend on the results of the Commission for the scientific exploration of the documents of the former KGB, and the Commission will have to work very hard to until March 31 to submit to the government a detailed justification of how widely available this information.

"Society has a right to know the dark pages of our history, including those who may have collaborated with the KGB. The law clearly States that this information until the end of next year should be available according to the decision of the government", — said the head of state on November 15.