Having considered the claim of the Ministry of justice, the court agreed that the activities of the "administrative center of Jehovah's witnesses" in Russia can be regarded as an extremist, therefore the centre should be eliminated.
The court also ruled that the property should be confiscated. The representatives of the center remains the opportunity to appeal the decision. In the event of a complaint, the court's decision will not take effect until while it will not be considered.

The organization was suspended by the Ministry of justice before the end of the proceedings in the Supreme court.

Previously, Russia hosted several lawsuits against the communities of "Jehovah's Witnesses", which was registered in the country in 1991. As a rule, they are accused of extremist activities.

In particular, in December 2014, the Supreme court recognized the extremist organization's website, and also placed three books on it "Which actually teaches the Bible?", "Come to Jehovah" and "Come and follow me".

Regional offices of the organization and is invited in Russia to administrative responsibility on charges of distribution of extremist materials.

The organization "Jehovah's Witnesses" appeared in 1931 in the USA as a result of the separation of the religious movement of "Bible scholars". Religious doctrine of the organisation has much in common with the teachings of heterodox directions in Christianity.