The court prohibited to publish advertising in the municipal newspaper. Also in favor of "Bauskas street Jive" with the government to recover damages in the amount of 17,800 euros.

Taurins said that, initially, the amount of the claim amounted to more than 30 000 euros, but the question here is not about money, but to create a precedent. He also admits that the decision will be appealed to higher authorities.

Earlier Bauskas Dzīve appealed to the administrative court, but he refused to prosecute, and the decision was appealed to the Supreme court, after which the case was filed in the administrative court.

The claim was rejected in part where Bauskas Dzīve demanded a ban on the publication of the municipal newspaper.

The European court of human rights prosecuted "Bauskas Dzīve against Latvia". The plaintiff complains that the state allows local governments to publish Newspapers, simulating independent press.