As explained in the CEC at the moment, the court stated the cases of bribery 66 votes, but the distribution of mandates under the current balance of forces could begin with a difference of 78 votes. Officially recognized by the number of purchased votes not yet reached "critical mass," explained the Committee.

In October 2015, Rezekne court recognized some Eugene Brovchenko guilty of bribery of voters in elections for the 12th Sejm and sentenced him to 100 hours of compulsory works.

In court Brovchenko admitted that during the elections for the 12th Sejm bribed voters in favor of the policy of the construction of Sakis, who ran on the list of the party "Unity" in the Latgale electoral district.

The accused said that he had offered to pay 10 euros for something that the voters have selected a list of the 4 and put a cross opposite the name of Sakis. So he bribed three people — Julius Corpse, Peteris Seglinsha and another person. Once the voters showed to the accused the remaining ballots, he paid them 10 euros.

Earlier, the party "Consent" challenged the CEC approved the final results of the elections for the 12th Sejm, requiring a fully or partially cancel the voting results in Latgale in connection with allegations of bribery of voters in favor of the construction of Sakis.

"You can buy mandates, buying votes for the "roundabout" at the polling stations, as did zachys. You can buy a ready-made mandates any unkurov, as did [which is] today," wrote the leader of the "Consent" Ushakov in your profile on Facebook.