"My colleague on Friday were present in the Krasnogorsk city court, where he officially confirmed the divorce Anisina and Dzhigurda. So in this epic come to an end," said the lawyer. He added that the former spouse was not held.

The day before Anisina published on his page on the Instagram post, which stated that all previous charges against her husband were "slander imposed by ill-wishers," she is shocked and "gave the opportunity for the Chair to withdraw his claim for divorce." Zhorin said: "it's hard for Me to explain this point. Personally me any direction on this occasion, the Marina is not allowed. To revoke the divorce and to change something she wasn't going".

Of the chair on his page also wrote about the possibility to cancel the divorce. His lawyer, Antonin Savrasov-Abramova has informed TV channel "360", that the recording was made just before the court hearing. She said that doesn't know where is the showman. He had to leave the territory of the breakaway Donetsk people's Republic the night before, but in connection with it have not yet emerged. "I think he took a little time out," said she.

Dzhigurda and Anisina met on the show "Dancing on ice. The velvet season" in 2007. A year later they were married. The couple have two children. For the first time Anisina filed for divorce in 2015, but a month later the couple reconciled. A year and a half, the athlete again has directed to court the claim about cancellation of the marriage. In December 2016, the entertainer said at a press conference that can't live without Anisina those, reported by the national news service (NSN).

In early March, the chair received the passport and the DNI, but a few days later he was stripped of his citizenship.