The decision was made may 15. Ivanov will be under the supervision of a probation officer: during the year, he will have to wear leg electronic bracelet.

As previously reported, the well-known entrepreneur and owner of the clinic Elladent Ella Ivanova was killed with five shots on the night of January 7, 2008 priedkalns Garkalne parish, Riga district, in the courtyard of his house.

Ivanov filed a request for release in the last year, but the courts of first instance and appeal rejected.

Ivanov was held in prison for two thirds awarded him a 12-year period and had the right to ask for early release.

Husband of Ella Ivanova, a former co-owner of "Arena Riga", a millionaire Igor Ivanov was found guilty of inciting the murder of his wife and sentenced to 12 years and six months imprisonment and Vitaly Mamedov is found guilty in the organization and support of murder and sentenced to 10 years and six months imprisonment. The executor of the murder — Antonov was sentenced to 14,5 years of imprisonment.