Stratfor has published satellite images from 17 March, which recorded the airbase in Latakia and the port of Tartus. As noted, they suggest that more than a quarter of the Russian air group had left Syria. According to Stratfor, March 15 left three su-34 and transport Tu-154, the next day Syria left 12 su-25 aircraft and part car Il-76.

According to the report, although the su-24 are present in the pictures, maybe they later also left the base.

At the same time, the photos show that over the last few days Russia has deployed more helicopters at the airbase, including the Mi-28 and Ka-52. These helicopters can perform protective functions and to carry out search and rescue operations and provide air support to ground forces.

In addition, the Agency notes that Russia has not brought the su-30 and su-35 and after the announcement of the withdrawal of troops continued to support from the air by Syrian government forces opposing terrorist group "Islamic state" (IG DAYS that were banned in Russia) in the vicinity of Palmyra.

According to Stratfor, the pictures of the base in the port of Tartus is seen that the considerable movement of Russian equipment from Syria is not observed. In the port you can notice the military vehicles.

We will remind, on the withdrawal of the main group of the Russian forces from Syria 14 March, announced President Vladimir Putin, explaining that he put before the Ministry of defense tasks generally performed. The next day the first group of Russian aircraft have left Syria. In its structure included the Tu-154 and su-34.

16 March, the defense Ministry announced the withdrawal of another group, including Il-76 and front bombers su-24M. On the same day, Reuters on the basis of the analysis frame, shown on state television, has estimated that Syria is derived from almost half of Russian aircraft.

Friday the official representative of the Central command of the armed forces of the USA Colonel Patrick Ryder said that Russia has withdrawn most of its strike aircraft from Syria.