"Every day we go to school and from school with children, fearing for their lives " – with these words the letter began one of the readers. The problem is that on Krustpils street - from the intersection with the street to the railway crossing - there is no sidewalk or lighting.

Some drivers, such a situation is even amusing. They go round the traffic jam on the side or in the back towards the pedestrian, not being lazy to open the window to cuss out and honk the horn.

"Moreover, on a roadside stand multi-ton containers, which are loaded every day near a road so (yeah, its inner private area to spend it who need...) that you have to either pass under them at the time of loading and unloading services, or to go on the carriageway, risking several times a day to be whipped with a machine," says the reader.

After the publication of the article, officials promised that the sidewalk will appear. More precisely, they promised to think about it. It took a few days. Today Riga city Council started to talk about more specific things:

"The construction in the specified location of the sidewalk requires at least years design. But to build the sidewalk, not on the road to create a "lake" (now water after the rain drains on the side of the road, and after construction of the pavement to drain her will nowhere), it requires a device storm sewer under the roadway, which will require substantial investment.

So as soon as possible to ensure the safety of movement of pedestrians at the specified section of the street Krustpils, decided to separate the pedestrian area from the road with concrete blocks. So that pedestrians could move safely. In the storage containers concrete blocks plan to install two rows within the boundaries of the "red lines" that pedestrians are not blocked the road containers and the owners are not storing them in the zone of the road".

And now a few words about the containers. It turned out that they are on the side illegally.

"The police authorities of Riga, arriving at the facility, stated that the containers located at the facility of road infrastructure without the necessary in this case, approvals and permits. On the fact of violations by the police authorities initiated administrative proceedings, the proceedings of which will be transferred to the Administrative Commission of the Riga city Council. By operating statutory acts on violators can be fined from 700 euros.

As the site for the storage of containers shall be coordinated with Stroyprofi, in the near future the site will be visited by building inspectors to determine how much the storage containers meet regulations and whether the relevant permission", - is spoken in the comment of the Riga city Council.