The Minister of internal Affairs of Slovakia Robert Kalinak said that the idea of the European Commission is a step into the past". The head of the interior Ministry of Poland Mariusz Blashak indicated that the EC proposal is no logic, and it violates the rights of member States. The head of the Hungarian foreign Minister péter Szijjártó said that the imposition of a fine for refusing to accept refugees is blackmail.

"The idea of quotas is a dead end, and I ask the Commission not to go down this dead-end path," the statement quoted Szijjarto Reuters.
The Minister of internal Affairs of Estonia Hanno Pevkur also skeptical about the idea of Brussels to introduce a solidarity tax in the amount of 250 thousand euros for each refugee turned. Pevkur said that to move forward would require the consent of all EU countries and it can take a long time.

With a critical statement to the EC was made by the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite.

"Proposed by the European Commission enforcement action does not promote the unity of the EU and the resolution of the migration crisis. The automatic distribution of refugees will be an open invitation for migrants to come to Europe without restrictions. It will not help to protect the EU's external borders", - quotes the words of the Lithuanian President