"Moscow's illegal annexation of Crimea, support of separatists in Eastern Ukraine, violating international law. That is why we are expanding our presence in the East of the Alliance," he told the newspaper Die Welt. Stoltenberg noted that currently discusses the possibility of placing in each of the Baltic States and in Poland, at the international battalion. These forces will be there in rotation. The final decision will be made before the NATO summit in Warsaw.

These plans do not violate a Basic Covenant of NATO and Russia, because they do not have significant armed forces, the Secretary General stressed. He said Moscow believes that "substantial forces" is a continuous stay of at least 1,000 troops in one of the NATO countries. "We are still far from this figure," - said Stoltenberg.

Nothing suggests that in the near future Russia could attack one of the countries of the Alliance, the Secretary General said. "But we need to be prepared, we need to show complete solidarity with the countries - participants of NATO, and at the same time to implement a policy of deterrence," said he, adding that these measures "are justified, focused on the defense and answer to international law".
Stoltenberg said that NATO does not want confrontation with Russia and a new Cold war, and these measures are a response to the annexation of Crimea and destabilization of Eastern Ukraine.

He stressed that NATO is strong, significant and predictable policy. "Only in this case we can go for political dialogue with Russia", - he said, adding that "mutual silence cannot resolve any problem".

Stoltenberg noted that there should be open channels for political dialogue with Russia in order to try to reduce tensions and to avoid the risk of military incidents. He does not exclude the possibility that before the summit in Warsaw will host another meeting of the Council Russia - NATO.

As reported by The Wall Street journal, NATO is going to deploy in the Baltic States and Poland, about 4,000 soldiers.