From movies dedicated to the great deeds of the past, you can expect anything from the wildest degree of jingoism, to shameless of altering history for the sake of customers and producers. DELFI read reviews of Russian critics and came to the conclusion that in this particular case there seems to have been a happy exception.

The main advantage of the film, which catches the eye first — it doesn't feel sick. No torn epileptic mounting, no beating on the ears of the pompous sounds, no clumsy games to Hollywood in the form of slowmo or revolving around the actors of the camera. The picture was taken very cautiously, and it is this restraint — in everything from the acting, to the use of special effects and escalation of drama and captivating.

Alexander Trofimov, Canobie

Fascinating scene in space is shot professionally and at a level close to Hollywood and, fortunately, far from the national average. Even the lack of an actual plot – flight Leonov and Belyaev, no matter what, ended successfully – does not deprive the picture of suspense.

Natalia Grigoriev, Nezavisimaya Gazeta

A film about the first man in open space, like a ship, built at the dawn of space exploration: assembled from disparate parts, with a lot of defects and talented design solutions, he seems to be still flying, even if it is like a miracle.

Sasha Sipin, Snob

History of the flight in which everything went wrong. The film, which is all that can be done perfectly.

Dmitry Ostaszewski, The Hollywood Reporter

As a cinematic monument to the outstanding Soviet cosmonaut, thanks to Yevgeny Mironov in particular, the movie does its job perfectly well. But as a work of art of the memorable achievement of the nation in space "first Time" falls short of the praise due to the deflating of history, displaced accents, and late (years 10-20) coming to the big screens.

Vadim Bogdanov, New look

The authors of the film, despite the format, still managed to say something to her, and this, of course, makes the film an extraordinary event. They still wanted to please not only the boss, but also to do something bad by universal standards.

Andrey Arkhangelsky, A

"First time" – an unusual attempt to create a domestic blockbuster in the space theme. Yes, the movie is not released from the depressing pathos, especially in the last minutes of the film, but the same pathos can be found in every Hollywood movie with a happy ending.

Eugene iceberg

The authors returned to the space novel and attractive way, have a look at it through the eyes of the people the 1960s when every pioneer wanted to become an astronaut. "First time" will not cause the same enthusiasm as a real flight Leonov and Belyaev, half a century ago, but a good entertainment and acquaintance with the history of the Motherland guarantees.

Dmitry Lisowski,

Now, in order to know how and under what circumstances took out the first man into space, it is enough to see this picture.
And it's not the details that were adapted to the laws of cinematic storytelling and emotional involvement in what is happening on the screen.

Vyacheslav Surikov, Expert

This film has fantastic and very scary climax block scenes in outer space, there are outstanding acting and a commendable precision parts. It is generally unexpected for the Russian industry foldable and really exciting movie. But the main thing — it's hardly the first in many years, the film, inherit the romantic tradition of the late movie with his beautiful and authentically Goodies, serious hardships, and sincere faith in the future.

Yaroslav Zabaluev,