Despite the presence of top actors Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron, critics have taken a summer Comedy in a bayonets – only such a conclusion can be drawn by reading reviews.

The film is torn between absurdity and credibility.

Craig D. Lindsey, Village Voice

The only thing that can make you think "Baywatch" is about where to spend your next vacation to also run on the beach in the mode of slow-motion. But given all that is happening in the world, maybe it's not so bad.

Cary Darling, Star-Telegram
Rating: 3/5

God bless baggy, not switched off even for a second a smile of Dwayne Johnson, who saves the life of this film. But worthy of the film itself salvation – that's another conversation.

Anthony Lane, New Yorker

The idea of the lifeguards, playing detectives, is so fundamentally absurd that mock her don't get bored.

David Edelstein, New York Magazine/Vulture

Reduce your expectations, low as if they were not already, and you will still be disappointed.

Scott Marks, San Diego Reader
Rating: 0/5

It is difficult to make a masterpiece from a film like this, but it sure would be more fun and to surpass the original requirements which was not so great.

María Fernanda Mugica La Nación

Instead of bet on the freshness of the film, made it banal, inexplicable and unnecessary remake of the original.

Rolando Gallego, EscribiendoCine
Rating: 2/10

A film so bad, so unfinished and arrogant to his audience that managed to spoil even a great unmatched earlier episode of modern cinema: cameo David Hasselhof.

Tara Brady, Irish Times
Rating: 1/5

Despite all efforts to save, this movie is a joke and could not survive.

Sandra Hall, Sydney Morning Herald
Rating: 2/5

A waste of producer resources and time and money of the audience.

Rashid Irani, Hindustan Times
Rating 0.5/5

The only thing you can say about the film "Spasateli Malibu" is that he just couldn't be worse.

Andrea Thompson, The Young Folks
Rating: 5/10