On the question of his happiness, the scientist said that the greatest joy he brought three children. "And I can tell you what will make me happy — a journey into space. I thought no I will not take back, but Richard Branson (owner of Virgin Group which includes Virgin Galactic) offered me a place in Virgin Galactic, and I immediately said Yes," said he.

At the end of September 2016, the Guardian published an excerpt from the book researcher of black holes "How to build a spaceship", in which he called on mankind to conquer other planets. Hawking believes that life on Earth is in ever growing danger and can be destroyed by natural disasters or man-made disaster.

Designed by Scaled Composites LLC, and built by The Spaceship Company for Virgin Galactic ordering the glider is designed to conduct tourist flights to a height of about a hundred kilometers to the border of the Earth's atmosphere from space, but without access to its orbit. The cost of travel for each of the six passengers will be about 200 thousand dollars. Tickets are already booked about 800 people, including, in addition to Hawking, actress Angelina Jolie and singer Lady Gaga.

Stephen Hawking is known for his work on cosmology and science popularisation. He first published an article about the possibility of black holes to evaporate. In 1963, while studying at Oxford University he was diagnosed with a rare chronic disease of the Central nervous system — amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Almost 20 years after tracheostomy, the scientist has lost the ability to speak and has since enjoyed a speech synthesizer. Since 1997 he moves in a wheelchair with a computer. Serious illness did not prevent Hawking from becoming one of the most famous modern theoretical physicists and to arrange a personal life. January 8, he was 75 years old.