Make a list

The most important thing to remember every lover of fashion buying in the first place, intended to replenish the wardrobe you need clothing and accessories. Making a shopping list, you need to know: what is in your closet and what isn't. When you create a list for summer shopping, think not only about what you need, but of what is already quite a lot. In a good shopping list must be at least two sections — the first contains the things you need this summer, and in the second — things you will need in the fall.

A timeless classic

Little black dress, beige trench coat, a white blouse, blue jeans, elegant pumps, clutch purse, pearls and red lipstick is the so — called, classic, which, in contrast to the seasonal trends that never go out of fashion. So be sure to include it in his list of summer purchases, since even if they at some time may lag behind other stylish things, they will come back as a trend must-have, if not fall, then next spring. In order to easily combine the new clothes and accessories with your existing wardrobe staple, choose silhouettes and the tones of classical type.

Look in different stores

Don't stop at just one store, even if you found exactly what you need, because, maybe next store for the same product will be even more interesting proposal. If I go shopping alone, make the decision in favor of buying one or the other dress with the help of modern technology — take a picture of them on the phone during the fitting, not to forget, and then, over a Cup of coffee, quietly go through and get back to things-favorite.

Combine correctly

During the sales, the choice is made in favor of many things, as they are attracted to its accessibility, but in addition to price, should also pay attention to "new production" are mutually consistent. No matter how wonderful was not the skirt, and a wonderful color was not sports shoes, think: what in the existing wardrobe you will be able to combine. Weighing all this, you will be able to create a really effective and stylish way.

About the shopping centre Domina shopping:

T/C Domina Shopping is one of the biggest shopping centers of Riga, offering its visitors opportunities for shopping, but also positive emotions, new knowledge and opportunities to take your leisure. The shopping centre also features more than 170 shops, among them a wide selection of shoes and children's products. There is also a beauty salon, gym, cafes and restaurants, beauty centre and various service points: the post office, insurance companies and Bank branches, dry cleaning, tailoring, tailoring, workshop for making and repairing footwear, as well as a workshop for making keys. The Manager of the shopping center Domina Shopping is SIA Baltic Red.