"We have close to Cossack Bursting decorated "exemplary" plot — driven here MPs and journalists. (...) But if you walk a little in the direction of Zolochiv — there is neither ditch nor fence: come on, who wants to", — said the head of the village Kazachya Lopan to Kharkiv region Vyacheslav Sidorenko. "Yes, and the grid is not at its best, some where stabbed her and pedrali boars", he added.

About the project "the Wall" in Ukraine in 2014 talking, it was initiated by Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who was then head of the Cabinet of Ministers. It was assumed that the border will be equipped with anti-tank ditches, observation towers with a height of 17 meters, surveillance, alarm and failures, as well as special points of reference for border guards. The construction of the fence began in may 2016.

In July of the same year, the extra fractional Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, Borislav Bereza wrote in Facebook that built at the time the hedge "will not stop even a wild rabbit".

7 August 2017, the head of the State border service of Ukraine Petro Cigital was told that a "274,6 kilometers of anti-tank ditches, 47.1 kilometer control and tracking strips, 84 kilometers of fences, 179,9 kilometers of lateral roads." However, two days later the people's Deputy of Ukraine Hope Savchenko said that the construction of a wall on the border of Ukraine with Russia "a stupid waste of money".