"Her Kingdom is going through troubled times, and citizens refuse to acknowledge that its reign will end. Therefore, the Royal court has a plan" — with these words begins the text The Guardian about how Britain will meet the news of the death of his beloved Queen.

According to the National statistical service, 90-year-old Queen, on average, can live another four years and three months, according to Metronews.

"The Queen is nearing the end of his reign in the restless time when it is unclear the place of Britain in the world, and the Kingdom is torn by internal contradictions," writes The Guardian.

Action plan in case of death of Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace, the British government and the national broadcasting organization "bi-Bi-si".

According to one of the branches of events, the 90-year-old Elizabeth II dies as a result of brief illness. In the last hours with her would be relatives and doctors. One of the most important people in the last minutes of her life become the personal physician of Hugh Thomas. It is he who will decide who can enter into the king's chambers, and what information about the state of health can be disclosed.

After the death of the heir to the throne Prince Charles, his brothers and sister going to kiss his hand. Prime Minister learns about the change of power of a code phrase: "London bridge collapsed". On the death of the Queen will inform the heads of the 15 governments, where the British Queen is the formal head of state and the leadership of the 36 member countries of the British Commonwealth. Only after this message will be sent to all the world's leading media, reports "Interfax". The duties of the BBC is part of the task to activate an alert system in emergencies.

It is known that most of the media have already prepared the text of the news, collections of photographs and films dedicated to the death of the Queen. The journalists of the Times, for example, written materials from 11 days ahead.

All this time UK residents do not know about the death of the monarch. As the exclusive right of "Bi-bi-si" on the transfer of such messages is not available, the news will give marked "Urgent" in the British Agency Press Association in the world media.

According to the newspaper, the world's major media have ready for the unfortunate news. The broadcast will go obituaries and pre-prepared materials. For example, the newspaper the Times such articles will last for 11 days and the television channels Sky News and ITN have repeatedly carried out "exercises" to work on a detailed plan of action.

In addition, the staff of "bi-Bi-si" conduct such "exercises" for the past 30 years. They rehearse all kinds of scenarios of death of members of the Royal family. The main goal is to help journalists to find the right words at the right time.

This year Elizabeth II celebrated sapphire anniversary on the throne, she is 65 years old and is the oldest monarch in the world. She was crowned on 2 June 1953. Prior to this record length of stay on the throne belonged to Queen Victoria.

The current Queen's mother lived to be 101 years, and the ceremony of her funeral was studied and refined for more than 20 years. The Queen-mother what is happening is not at all shocked — she participated in the preparation of the ceremony.

In the case of Elizabeth II is still more serious. We are talking about parting with the current monarch, which in the UK was in 1952, when he left the life of her father, king George VI, the newspaper "AiF".

90-the summer Queen is the reigning monarch in the history of the UK. At Christmas, Elizabeth II had severe colds, but now rides on a pony, manages the SUV and makes the big decisions. During a recent two-day visit to Northern Ireland in response to the question of journalists about the health of the Queen quipped: "In any case, I'm still alive. Ha".

In the event of the death of Elizabeth II the new king will be proclaimed Prince Charles. According to the ritual, members of the Royal family will kiss his hand.

British economists and sociologists recognize that the death of Elizabeth II will become the country's shock. The vast majority of Britons living today, in my life with the transfer of power from the monarch to his successor encountered. After all, the last time this event happened 65 years ago, back in 1952.

Experts believe the country will stay on at least 12 days until the funeral. Stock markets and banks will close for an indefinite period. Losses for the UK economy will run into billions, but the tradition in this case is stronger than pragmatism.

The day of the funeral of Princess Diana along the procession route lined by a million people. Experts believe that in the day of farewell to Elizabeth of the figure will be closed several times. With British shelves will sweep away the flowers at the farewell to Diana, the total number of bunches was close to a million, and that number is likely to be blocked.

The television audience of the funeral of Princess Diana reached 2.5 billion people. The broadcast of the funeral may gather at the screens of more people. The funeral of Elizabeth II may be the biggest ceremony of its kind in the world over the last century, writes "AiF".

In the future will have to perform many procedures associated with the change of monarch. So, immediately will start minting of coins with the portrait of Charles. From the appeal will be withdrawn postage stamps with the image of the king. Even the national anthem will change — instead of "God save the Queen" it will sound like "God save the king".

Military and police symbols with the initials of Elizabeth will also be promptly replaced. Will occur and replacement of passports, as they present mention of Her Majesty. It is likely that several years after the death of the monument to Elizabeth II will be installed in Trafalgar square on the fourth plinth, which is now used for temporary statues.