Total military spending for the year will amount to 700 billion dollars, almost 15 percent more than last year.

For the adoption of the resolution was passed with 356 members of the house of representatives, and 70 opposed. The paper is now forwarded for approval to the Senate of the United States.

It is noted that most of the budget (more than 634 billion us dollars) will be allocated for the main operations of the Pentagon, and the rest 66 billion designed "for military operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries".

The document contains requirements for the defense Minister and the U.S. Secretary of state to develop a "joint comprehensive strategy to counter the pernicious influence of Russia", which threatens American national security and their allies.

As examples of the aggressive policy of Russia are "the invasion of Georgia in 2008 and Ukraine in 2014", "high pace of military modernization," as well as "the increase in military activity in the Arctic and the Mediterranean".

The draft budget of the USA provides for the allocation of 58 million dollars for the development of a new missile with a medium range. This development is a response to Russia's violation of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range nuclear forces (INF), follows from the document.

In addition, the project approved the delivery of lethal weapons to Ukraine, which the United States will spend 350 million.

In September, U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson has accused Russia of violating the INF Treaty. In early March, Washington said that the agreement was breached when Russia launched ballistic missile ground-based. Moscow these claims have been denied. The INF Treaty, signed in 1987, prohibits Russia and the United States to test and deploy such weapons.