According to the court, a resident of San Jose Robert Farmer will have to serve 16 years in prison, writes The Sacramento Bee.

After his release on farmer will be imposed 10-year ban on contacts with cats. In addition, he was forbidden to appear in the district Cambrian Park, where the crimes were committed.

As follows from the materials of the criminal case, in 2015 Cambrian Park in San Jose began to disappear cats. Once the locals saw how a man tried to kidnap two cats, luring them into his backpack. One of the cats eventually pulled away and ran. During the examination the veterinarian found her body "bite marks that couldn't leave the animals, as well as bleeding wound in the head".

It was later found several dead cats with signs of violence. The two of them found in the garbage.

The killer cats managed on the recording surveillance camera installed at the entrance to the house of a local resident Miriam Petrova. The footage shows Robert Farmer kidnapped a cat named go-Go. Find the animal or its remains failed until now.

Robert Farmer, is the son of retired captain of police of San Jose, was arrested on the morning of 8 October, 2015. At that moment the young man was asleep in his car in the Parking lot near Hillsdale Avenue. Directly between the seats, in the center of the cabin, lay the corpse of a murdered cat. The interior was stained with blood of the animal. There lay fragments of fur.

Also, the police found in the car gloves and a hunting knife in a sheath hidden in his backpack. The gloves were covered with cat hair. In addition, the veterinarian who examined the genitalia of the animal, came to the conclusion that the corpse was found a ginger striped cat was used for sexual abuse.

Through genetic and other examinations of the evidence found in the suspect's vehicle, investigators came to the conclusion that the Farmer involved in the killing of 21 cats. And his DNA was found under the claws of the animal, discovered in the car.

Farmer friends described him as a cruel man who showed aggression not only to animals. For example, an elderly woman said that Robert once had bound feet cat named angel and smashes it against the wall. Another time the Farmer was unjustly hit the grandson of this woman in the face. And once the attacker shot him in the leg the same boy from a pneumatic gun.

According to the victim, one Farmer talked out loud about what kind of feelings does a man killing his own kind.

Assistant district attorney Alexandra Ellis offered to make the name of farmer in list of sex offenders. However, the court sided with the defense, who claimed that the sexual motive for the killings has not been proven. According to attorney Wesley Schroeder, the fact that sexual intercourse with a dead animal farmer says that he is the bestiality and dangerous sexual pervert. The defender noted that Robert was then in drugs after methamphetamine use, and therefore could not be aware in their actions.

From accusations of committing a sexual offence son guard saved first of all that in the expert community there is no consensus about whether it is possible to speak about rape or sexual abuse, if the role of the injured an animal, and not man. In addition, speaking in court, the vet changed his testimony and stated that a clear sign of sexual abuse by the murdered farmer cats are not identified.

Before sentencing, Schroeder read a letter from his client in which Robert expressed remorse. "The feeling that the other person committed these crimes. But I know that it was me," wrote Robert.

The farmer explained that from his childhood he was surrounded by cats and horses. A crime, he was to perform due to a mental disorder (the doctors found out that he has sociopathy).

Earlier, Robert did not show repentance, and their cruel treatment of animals is not explained by disease, and the desire to vent anger over problems in the family. The medical expert also pointed out that Farmer can be very dangerous, because the desire of the butcher to kill and torment can go on people.