36-year old man found alive at his home three days after the incident. A bullet stuck in his head, he can't speak. However, he managed gestures to explain the situation to the police, and also to point out the criminal.

It turned out that Wallen just didn't know how to explain to the client that he is bad at sex and hurting her, so she decided to resort to using weapons. Shot twice in the head men, she took his gun and wallet, and then went shopping, leaving in the shops 12 thousand dollars belonging to her customer.

Police arrested the girl, she appeared before the court, which she was charged.

In September last year in Vienna was the trial of the criminal case initiated after the discovery in the hotel room of the corpse 45-the summer lodger. According to investigators, the man died as a result of sadomasochistic sexual games, but in his death are guilty of a prostitute.