Additionally, the Kuzmin court ordered to pay a fine of 6.9 million dollars to compensate losses caused to the clients of the banks he created a Trojan virus.

The court in sentencing took into account Kuzmina cooperation with the investigation. Recommended him time was two times longer — 84 months.

During the trial, prosecutors called Kuzmina innovator in cybercrime, referring to the fact that he not only participated in the creation of the virus, but created and sold to them "Trojan" to hackers who used it to withdraw money from foreign Bank accounts.

The Gozi virus had infected at least 40 thousand computers in the U.S. alone, including 160 in NASА. In the case of its creation together with Kuzmin passed Denis Calovski from Latvia and Romania Mihai Ionut Paunescu nicknamed "Virus".

Reportedly, the latter two were arrested, thanks to testimony Kuzmina, who left the FBI during his trip to Thailand.

Initially it was expected that programmers will be sentenced to long terms of imprisonment, but they began to cooperate with the investigation.