Reports Deutsche Welle, the head of the White house Donald trump will make a special statement on Monday, August 14. Oversee the investigation which will be carried out based on article 301 of the trade Act of 1974, to be the U.S. representative for trade negotiations Robert Leithiser, the newspaper notes.

According to him, Washington's decision would not entail the automatic imposition of sanctions against China, but it can lead to a sharp increase in tariffs on Chinese goods.

Trump disappointed in China

Previously, Donald trump said that "very disappointed in China." "Our stupid former leaders allowed the Chinese to earn hundreds of billions of dollars a year in trade, and Beijing in the situation with North Korea did not do anything for us," wrote the American President on July 29, Twitter. He added that "I will not allow this to continue," and expressed confidence that "China would have easily solved this problem".

According to Washington, despite the support on the issue of sanctions against Pyongyang, Beijing has not taken sufficient action to exert pressure on the DPRK. A number of supporters of a tougher political line surrounded by trump's pushing him to take more decisive measures against Beijing, said the online publication Politico.