Additional forensic investigation of the tragedy that occurred on 15 April 1989, began two years ago. Were involved testimony from over 500 witnesses, including survivors of the crush of people, police and health workers.

The jury came to the conclusion that the decisive factor of the tragedy was the negligence of the former chief of police of South Yorkshire David Dakenfild. He was responsible for security during the match the FA Cup between Liverpool FC — Nottingham forest FC, in which the tragedy occurred.

The Dakenfild pleaded guilty in March 2015. Police apologized to the families of the victims for the fact that after the tragedy, confessed the pass at the crowded stadium 2 thousand people.

Back then many fans didn't have tickets for the match, and the police decided to let the stadium "Hillsborough" hundreds of fans. A stampede occurred, in which fans from the first rows of the crowd were pressed against the iron mesh that separated the bleachers from the playing field.