Lifeline found the people who trimmed the rose bushes near the shore. We can assume that it sank along with the ship to a depth of 80 meters, where he was crushed under the pressure, and then somehow floated to the surface.

Now discovery is at the Zoological station Tvarminne owned by Helsinki University, informs Estonian portal

Estonian ferry "Estonia" (formerly "Viking Sally", "Silja Star", "Wasa King") of the shipping company "Estline", was built in 1979 in Germany. Sank on the night from September 27 to September 28, 1994, in the crash of a missing 757 people and killed 95 of 989 aboard passengers and crew members. It is Europe's largest shipwreck in peacetime.

The possibility of lifting of the vessel was rejected and decided to leave it in place, sealing with concrete. Dive to the remains of the ship is prohibited, so as not to disturb the ashes of the dead. Enforcement of prohibition was assigned to the Finnish authorities. The ship lies on its side in 35 km from the Finnish island of utö outside Finnish territorial waters at a depth of about 60 meters. According to the official conclusion of the Estonian-Finnish-Swedish Commission, the cause of death of the ferry were the shortcomings in the design of ships of type "RoRo".

19 Feb 2009 the Estonian government dissolved the Commission on investigation of causes of the tragedy. The most probable cause of the sinking of the ferry was named for its design flaws (separation of the nasal shield) and heavy weather conditions.