Traditionally, herbs and spices have long been used in nutrition to affect health. In the study of the University of Georgia, it was discovered that many herbs and spices that are rich in the antioxidant phenol, can prevent damage and tissue inflammation caused by high blood sugar levels.

The study also found a direct correlation between phenol content in herbs and spices and their ability to slow down the production of the end products of glycolysis, poisoning the body. Studied a few seasonings, which can be safely recommended to include in diet people who have problems with regulation of blood sugar.

1. Cinnamon. This seasoning contains 18 percent of the phenol in dry weight. For type two diabetes, or for individuals suffering from insulin resistance, studies have shown that improved sensitivity to insulin and better control of blood sugar levels can be achieved when receiving only one teaspoon of cinnamon per day..

2. Carnation. Seasoning contains 30 percent of the phenol in dry weight. It also contains the antioxidants anthocyanin and quercetin. Clove has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It brings relief for inflammation, pain and digestive problems. Clove oil can be used for such ailments as toothache and headache, cough and indigestion.

3. Oregano. This herb is common in Spanish and in General Mediterranean cuisine, sometimes called marjoram. It lends depth and flavor to any dish and goes well with tomatoes, eggplant. It was considered a tool to fight bacterial and parasitic infections, and the oregano oil used to combat fleas. In a recent study it turned out that oregano can effectively treat intestinal giardiasis, which is caused by a microscopic parasite.

4. Sage. This herb contains phytosterols, revered for its refreshing properties. Homeopathy practices use it to treat uterine bleeding and cramps. A German study shows that diabetics who drink infusions of sage on an empty stomach, show a decrease in blood sugar levels. Sage is widely used as a seasoning for vegetables and soup, and can also be used as a tea.