Portrait of Dora Maar, who was Picasso's mistress for nine years, the artist wrote in his birthday, October 25, 1939. When the Second world war, Picasso fled Paris to Royan. They with Dora settled in the hotel. Not far from them at that time lived with Marie-thérèse Walter with born from Picasso's daughter Maya.

Unknown influence whether the circumstances on the character portrait. It is known however that the artist had previously portrayed the Douro, through distorted shapes. Unlike Mary-Testy, which was for him the repose and quiet Harbor, Dora was added in Picasso's life passion.

During the Second world war, the blade fell to the Nazis. When the Germans with a picture were sent to Moravia, they were stopped by the Resistance fighters. The masterpiece was saved.

Six years ago, "Seated woman in a blue dress" is already sold, then its price was $ 26 million.