"Plan to send Dragon to Mars in 2018", — stated in the message text in SpaceX Twitter. When it is noted that the details of the upcoming project will be announced later.

The apparatus can obtain the name of the Red Dragon (the Red dragon). The social network also published a photo-montage Dragon capsule, vertically standing on the Martian surface.

In early April, SpaceX successfully managed to bring the Dragon spacecraft into orbit to deliver to the ISS cargo, food, scientific equipment, and an inflatable BEAM module prototype inflatable living modules for space conditions. Dragon will stay at the international station for 5 weeks and will return to Earth on may 11.

Previously, the famous theoretical physicist and science popularizer Stephen Hawking has said that in the next hundred years, Mars will be colonized. And according to the head of NASA, Charles Bolden, the space Agency of the United States is considering the preparation of the first manned flight to Mars not as an American and as an international project, and NASA expects to launch the first manned mission to the Red planet around mid-2030s.