Созданы друг для друга: 4 пары идеально сочетающихся продуктов
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Beef liver and red pepper

Working steam: iron and vitamin C.

Vitamin C improves the absorption of iron, which plays an important role in hematopoiesis and the enrichment of blood and oxygen to the tissues. The lack of iron in the body leads to anemia, oxygen starvation, decline in immunity, deterioration of health in General. Iron deficiency, or so-called "glandular anemia is one of the most common conditions in adults and children.

Beef liver is one of the best natural sources of iron. Red pepper is one of the best non-starchy vegetables – sources of vitamin C. the Liver, being a protein product is poorly digested in combination with starchy vegetables, so red bell pepper – a perfect side dish for beef liver.

Tip: to this perfect pair, you can easily add tomatoes, onions, spinach, celery and broccoli. Will make a great and healthy side dish to liver.

Созданы друг для друга: 4 пары идеально сочетающихся продуктов
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Green tea and lemon

Working steam: ascorbic acid and catechins

Catechins enzymes with antioxidant properties, important in the fight against aging, cancer, diseases of the cardiovascular system and diabetes. Vitamin C is in the recommendations does not need. It is also shown that in the presence of ascorbic acid the amount of enzymes catechins increases significantly.

Adding lemon juice to green tea leads to a sevenfold increase of the useful enzymes of this drink. In addition, drinking green tea with lemon good for smokers – active and passive. According to studies, regular consumption of this drink reduces by 25% the damage caused to the body by tobacco smoke.

Tip: if you don't have lemon, add the green tea ascorbic acid. Not as aesthetically pleasing, but also effective.

Созданы друг для друга: 4 пары идеально сочетающихся продуктов
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Cereal and milk

Working pair: magnesium and calcium

Calcium necessary for healthy bones and teeth. Children it tedious for the growth of adults in order to help keep bones strong into old age. Magnesium, apart from being necessary for our nervous and cardiovascular systems, is essential to calcium absorption.

Milk (except skim) is a good source of calcium. Oatmeal is a rich source of easily digestible magnesium. Cereal with milk – that is necessary, in order to increase the absorption of calcium by the body, and at the same time to replenish their reserves of magnesium (it is also necessary to take care of).

Tip: to this perfect pair, you can add figs or a banana – both products are perfect as a natural sweetener for oatmeal, replacing unhealthy sugar.

Созданы друг для друга: 4 пары идеально сочетающихся продуктов
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Chicken and buckwheat

Working steam: zinc and vitamin B6

Zinc is one of the main elements of the metabolism. In case of deficit, deteriorating memory and attention, decreases immunity, worse and longer to heal wounds and abrasions and on an aesthetic level, become brittle nails and hair, the nails appear white spots. Vitamin B6 plays a very important role in the functioning of the nervous system, regulates the production of female hormones, is involved in the immune system. To list all of his "activities" is the subject of a separate article. It contains in many foods, but to assimilate the desired zinc.

Chicken (and all poultry) is an excellent source of highly absorbable zinc. Buckwheat – a storehouse of vitamin B6 in 100 grams of buckwheat contains 20% daily value of vitamin B6. But to this vitamin dose to get the needed zinc, which we take from chicken meat. By the way, poultry meat and buckwheat products are recognized as compatible by even the proponents of a separate food.

Tip: to this perfect pair, add the boiled carrots. Thus you add to your dish carotenoids, which are also better absorbed in the presence of zinc.

And briefly a few pairs products are ideal for combination, if you want to extract from them the maximum benefit:

The carrots and walnuts. Work better together-carotene, vitamin E and zinc from these foods.

Tuna and arugula. Contained in arugula antibacterial and anti-cancer substance sulforaphane enhances its effectiveness in 13 times under the influence of selenium present in tuna.

Figs and milk. Magnesium from figs helps to better assimilate the calcium from milk (milk should not be skimmed). In addition, it is also a great remedy for colds.

The ginger and honey. In this pair interact with several enzymes in the furious title. If briefly – at the insistence of ginger with honey get a powerful immune stimulating drink that helps to keep the defense even during epidemics of SARS and ARI. At the same time, you can drink it instead of regular tea, not as a medicine from the spoon.