If you love your work, its quantity, all their colleagues, bosses, if you think you pay a lot of money, and do not want to change, don't waste this text time. And Yes, you probably don't even know how to read. If it is not so, let's continue. Hating my job has become almost fashionable. Even if not all of it, then at least some part (the work itself, salary, boss). Need to lie down so nicely in the social networks and tell her you have a lot of what she's horrible and heavy and you are a poor cat.

And as any successfully lying to the cat, you begin to reach well-disposed people you are furiously stroking and comfort.

And so, until all each other have a good iron, starts a new day and in the evening all over again. No matter how you hate your job, that's not a reason not to do it well. But if you are one of those who are pricked, crying, but continues to eat a cactus, that is sure that works well, let's see what actually went wrong.

If you did not raise, then it is possible that because you:

1. Rude

Well, because you are a living person it is impossible so quietly and regularly tolerate all what is happening around you stupid. Sometimes, you're being rude to the secretaries. Then you certainly just bomber. Want to turn your life into hell — phoscorites with the person responsible for printing reports and receiving calls.

Sometimes you are rude to subordinates. Well, I think that your own boss doesn't notice or notices and thinks you're good.

Even if to leave alone the fact that the people you're being rude, will not work well, it's just a very bad effect on your image. And yet, and this is of course a separate art, you're being rude to superiors.

There are rare bosses, which is entertaining but the majority of the delight will not.

If you are a very valuable employee, you certainly will not be fired, but will not be increased. And don't forget, no matter what industry you work, it is very, very small, on how you behave, will know everything and outside of your company.

2. Do not respond to e-mails

This is the first thing all foreigners complain. Life has accelerated. Response to e-mail no later than two hours after receiving it — the norm. Response to the end of the day is bearable, but better to have this delay was the explanation. If the answer today is not, then you receive a notification that people today not in the office, plus contact details of colleagues who will help you instead.

Moreover, an acceptable response time for e-mail does not depend on how urgent the matter you are discussing or you want to discuss.

Sometimes the answer can be obtained the next day, a week, a month, or never. Any of these options, most will seem the norm. If you want to give your career somewhere to move, don't let yourself of this. Don't delay e-mails for tomorrow only due to the fact that you are lazy, and once it is non-urgent.

3. Do not adhere to corporate culture

This applies not only to those who work in large corporations with internal PR departments and other team-building. Even in a small office with an exceptionally creative task has its own special culture of behavior. If it sickens you much, it's time to change jobs.

You will not be able to succeed if they are not included in this in-office life. Then dress up as? Where and with whom it is customary to have lunch?

Where they all go to have fun? What traditions are observed? Wine on Fridays? Karaoke? Volunteering at the dog pound? Monthly meetings in the cafe? No need to think that all this is not included in your responsibilities. If you don't want to break a career, is.

4. Perform only their duties

"I do not pay for it", for once spoken aloud or even in your mind, is the reason that in your career you are not satisfied. If you think you should not do more than what is included in your direct responsibility, you are doomed. Yes, it's unfair. Yes, often it's annoying. But the facts are as follows.

You, like any employee, sometimes requires much more than just a job to do.

Plus in this one: the majority in this place draw the border and refuse, because "they do not pay for it". A rationally ordered the opportunity to the minority gets the opportunity to advance in your career.

5. You're no good

If so, fixing this is almost impossible and, most likely, you just chose the wrong profession. In most cases, benefit from you have, but it can be more or you underestimate the value of self-praise.

No, walk around the office and shout about how well you work, not very efficiently.

But we need to find ways to do so, to let everyone know what you are an essential employee, exactly how and what projects you have saved and how many you use for the company. Take care of your reputation. What would you say Mama, people do not notice what a good person you are, if you'll just be a good person. Especially in the workplace.