The UN Security Council has condemned recent missile tests of North Korea. In a statement issued on Thursday, April 20, the DPRK's actions called destabilizing and provocative. Members of the security Council demand that Pyongyang immediately stop the violation of the relevant resolutions.

The statement also says that the security Council will continue to monitor the situation and will take further measures, including new sanctions against the DPRK.

The situation around North Korea in the last month dramatically escalated. On 16 April, the DPRK made another missile launch, which was unsuccessful — the rocket exploded soon after launch. And the day before, during a military parade in Pyongyang showed the rocket 56 types, among them, presumably, was the new Intercontinental ballistic missile.

Washington had previously stated that because of the danger posed by North Korea, will study the "military options" of events. After that, the U.S. sent an aircraft carrier and several warships to the Korean Peninsula.