According to surveys, the greatest part of society is dissatisfied with the work of the Seimas and the government, the government in General and would like to see the country's changes, he said.

The sociologist draws attention to the fact that previous elections have seen problems with the creation of new political forces, because the party needs people who enjoy recognition, a good reputation and a good reputation — such, for which voters would be willing to vote. Kaktins doubt that Sh will be able to gather around him so many people, enjoying good reputation and having a good reputation, and he does not have confidence in the fact that'sh one will be able only thanks to their personality, to attract so many voters that his party has overcome necessary for passage in the diet the five-percent barrier.

Judging by the past activities of Kiminsa and his image, he has more chances to gain the votes of younger voters, says the sociologist. However, given the demographic data, in Latvia the results of the elections affect mainly people of retirement age.

As reported, on 3 may in Riga was established party is not a member of the parliamentary faction of the member of the Seimas of Latvia court of Kiminsa KPV.

'sh was elected to the Sejm of the 12th convocation on the list of Enterprises of Latvian regions (ARF), but then got out of the party ORL. In February, he suggested inhabitants of Latvia to get acquainted with a society of like-minded people called "Who owns the state?" (KPV).