If in 2007 the alienation felt by 10% of inhabitants of Latvia, in 2016 — 8%, two percentage points less. It's on the same level as the average of the EU.

The most alienated in Latvia feel people with low incomes — 12% among people with high incomes such 6%, among the unemployed — 11%, among working — 5%. In 2007 socially alienated feel 32% of the unemployed.

16% of Latvia's residents life is now so complex that it is almost impossible to find a place, 14% think that their work is not valued, and 20% feel worse than others because of work.

The study shows that some aspects of the balance between work and private life in the EU has deteriorated. Latvia excessively tired from work to fulfill domestic responsibilities, feel 66% of the population in 2007 was 61%. In the EU on average are overly tired from work 59% of the population, in 2007 these were 49%.

29% inhabitants of Latvia it is difficult to concentrate on work because of family responsibilities, in 2007, there were 22%. In the EU on average, it was noted by 19% of respondents.

In Latvia optimistic about the future 69% of the population, and more in the younger age groups.

The study concluded that overall in the EU-28 there has been progress in improving the quality of life.