The decision about the collapse of the coalition was made after a meeting of the Council, which includes representatives of all its parties: Parnassus, devoid of registration of the Ministry of justice the progressive Party, "democratic choice", Libertarians party and Party on 5 December.

As told reporters, two unnamed participant of the meeting, there were fixed fundamental disagreements about tactics in the primaries and the compilation of electoral lists, and following the event on the actual output of the election the coalition announced supporters Navalny and Milov.

According to the newspaper, at the meeting, the Democrats drew attention to the weak voter interest in the primaries of the democratic coalition, financial and organizational problems in their organisations and raised the question of the appropriateness of quotas Kasyanov to first place in the election list.

It is for this reason informed about your refusal to participate in the primaries and the exit from the democratic coalition first announced, opposition leader Ilya Yashin, and then the head of the legal Department of the Fund of struggle against corruption Ivan Zhdanov. Both policies explained his decision by the fact that they are not satisfied with the first place ex-Prime Minister of the Russian Federation in the election list.

It happened shortly after the TV channel NTV 1 APR released film from a cycle "state of emergency.Investigation" called "Kasyanov day." In it, in particular, were used footage of the hidden camera captured intimate scenes of ex-Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Chairman of Parnas Mikhail Kasyanov and the member of Federal political Council of the party Natalia Pelevine that after the appearance of the film suspended its membership in the political Council.

After the appearance of damaging film, many opposition members and members of the democratic coalition called on Kasyanov to voluntarily give up the first number in the election list and offered the former Prime Minister to participate in the primaries along with the others.

On Wednesday before the meeting Navalny in an interview with reporters, admitted that he considers a criminal offense the emergence of film frames using a hidden camera, but still insists on holding primaries. "If the leader of the list not sure that he can take first place in the primaries, he's probably not a very good leader of the list", — added Bulk.

During the meeting, the co-founder of the Party 5 Dec Konstantin Jankauskas suggested to solve the issue with the first place in the list through a referendum to supporters of the democratic coalition was "the opportunity to vote whether they consider a fair reserve of the first places in the list without holding primaries".

This proposal was supported by four parties, but the initiative was blocked by Parnassus, which impose a veto. The head of the election Commission primaries, the Deputy Chairman of PARNASSUS Konstantin Merzlikin has explained to journalists that such an idea cannot be discussed because "must all underlying agreements".

"The list is formed according to the results of the primaries in the Federal list, there are three positions that must be filled in are invited. These individuals include Kasyanov, who agreed to the invitation. Other work is being carried out", — he stressed.

During the meeting was raised the issue of financing primaries. As told Jankauskas, members of the democratic coalition was counting on the fact that the ex-Prime Minister Kasyanov will be able to raise the necessary funds to promote this campaign. "Everyone was counting on it. But this did not happen — all the costs were distributed equally among all participants of the democratic coalition, including much more modest our party and Libertarian. It looks strange," he explained.

Views were divided and the Democrats concerning the allocation of single-mandate districts in the popular. All parties were in favour of distribution through their primaries, the producer was blocked, and this idea, but reserved the right to distribute, anyone from any district may be nominated.

After that, the meeting room left the Chairman "the democratic choice" Vladimir Milov left the meeting, Navalny said that under such conditions the progress Party loses interest. In conversation with journalists the mil admitted that it does not see sense to continue to participate in the primaries because of the lack of prospects in the list headed by Kasyanov.

"Don't want to waste their resources on obviously disastrous campaign, as it might be hard for me. I am very disappointed that Kasyanov did not consider it possible to take into account the views of other participants of the democratic coalition, he took unilateral decisions. The coalition doesn't work. Approach Kasyanov is not very compatible with the format of the coalition, and we jammed to it soldiers, we consider ourselves partners," explained mils.

Navalny, in turn, following the meeting stated that the democratic coalition will continue to exist as a political phenomenon, as it brings together non-systemic opposition, however, will not form a single electoral list in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Kasyanov in an interview with "Rain" has considered leaving the companions Navalny and Milov from the coalition with the error: "the Events that have challenged our agreements last fall, did not happen... the Pressure on us was expected. But we have to keep moving. If we are afraid to move forward, the government will still build pressure".