Despite the fact that Romania is on the Black sea, and it takes place in late July, the weather on the river Botosani far from the resort. Drizzling rain, cloudy, unpleasant wind — the organizers of the exercises like the timing couldn't be better atmospheric conditions to everything that happens looked posurovee. However, for us — an international group of journalists, arrived at the NATO exercise Saber Guardian 2017 — things are easier than preparing nearby scouts-swimmers.

Dressed in wetsuits, helmets and chest racks special forces soldiers sit in a small canoe, in order to cross the tumultuous river and make a foray to the other side. The goal is to detect the enemy paratroopers, who, according to legend teachings, has recently landed and took control of the right Bank of the river.

  • 1. There is an enemy behind the river
  • 2. General Hodges about Russia, mildew and transparency
  • 3. "I need military the Schengen area in Europe"
  • 4. On the other side — the Crimea
  • 5. "Arrived to you soldiers have respect for what"