According to Tarasova, the government artificially created this situation, and "a legal absurdity when land under residential houses quietly sold by random persons, do not allow any in the other Baltic States nor in other EU countries".

Tarasov believes that it is necessary to ensure that the land assigned to residential home were transferred to property of its tenants or occupants of companies.

"Artificially created by the state, the situation contributed to the opposite — in most cases, these lands were not offered for redemption to the inhabitants of these houses, there was no information about the time of the sale, the owners of the land, the place of meeting with the owners of the land. All done closed, this was facilitated by the privatization rules, the laws established by the state," she said.

Tarasov believes that the law on land lease the lawyer wrote, "who was not a specialist in land law, but this did not prevent him, after the adoption of the law to be on the list of millionaires".

Now all the tenants of these homes have become a financial hostage to this system and are forced to pay 30-40 Euro per month, which is 10-20% of the income of a pensioner who also pays the tax for existing in his own apartment.

The owner of the land refuses to have contact with tenants, performs no work on the landscaping, but only requires money and accrues interest. "This whole situation has created a state, enabling hundreds of landlords to profit at the expense of 400 thousand inhabitants of Latvia — outraged Tarasov.

Social activist believes that the land should be transferred to the ownership of the residents of those homes that are on this earth. And the state should pay the landowner the value of the land or to offer equivalent land at a reduced price.

"For ten years, landowners received income for the land the same amount, which at the moment is the cadastral value of the land, that is 20-50 times more than when buying. Our government can find money for bailing out banks, selling them to 14 times cheaper, has repeatedly saved the airline clumsily uses hundreds of real estate, but never consulted with its citizens about what their money is being spent. Therefore, all the excuses we think are insignificant" — sums up Tarasov.