Disease Zhanna became known in the summer of 2013, when the singer went for treatment in the United States. To raise funds for costly therapy campaign was launched, all the money went to the charity organization "Rusfond" - and from there transferred to the account Friske.

Unfortunately, the long struggle with the disease were unsuccessful and in June last year, Jeanne passed away. And then there was the scandal - the remaining money raised for medical treatment, has disappeared. Under the agreement, according to the publication, the remaining funds - more than 20 million rubles (about 267 thousand euros at current exchange rates), were to be returned to the "Rusfond", however, on account of Jeanne's they were not. How do I find journalists Life.ru, two weeks before the death of the singer, the money was transferred by her mother Olga in another Bank, which two months later revoked its license and declared bankrupt. If the money at the time of revocation of the license was still in the Bank, says the publication, the family can only claim for payment of a standard threshold of insurance to 1.4 million rubles, which is only about 5% of the missing amounts.

Both sides of the conflict - the family of the singer and the representatives of the "Rusfond" - yet the review was not given.