According to the source, usually the pills are used for pain relief. The guards took the drugs discovered in the office for the fight against drugs to the specialists helped in the investigation into the death of the Prince. The website TMZ reported that the Prince took the drug "Percocet" containing drugs to relieve chronic pain in the hip that had bothered him since 2009.

57-the summer Prince (Prince Roger Nelson), was found dead April 21 in possession of Paisley Park in Minnesota. In connection with the death of the contractor being investigated.

Six days before this, on 15 April, the Prince's plane from-for feeling sick of the singer made an emergency landing in Moline (Illinois). The artist was immediately sent to one of the medical centers. It was reported that he had the flu.

However, the media found out that the real reason for the hospitalization was a drug overdose. Doctors advised the singer to stay in the hospital for a day. When a star was not a separate chamber, he agreed to continue treatment and flew to Minnesota.

Meanwhile, the press reports that the Prince was sick with AIDS. This writes The National Enquirer. In turn, The Daily Mail provides information about the fact that the singer was infected with HIV back in the mid 1990-ies, and six months ago, he developed AIDS.

Officially the cause of death of the artist is not reported. Police are waiting for autopsy results and toxicology tests to make the final conclusions. Earlier, the investigators said that an examination of the body of the Prince, they found no signs of suicide. Presumably, the cause of death will be announced no earlier than a few weeks.

24 APR the Prince's body was cremated. The farewell ceremony was attended by close relatives and friends of the singer.

The winner of seven Grammy awards, awards "Golden globe" and "Oscar" Prince gained worldwide fame after the release of his album "1999" in 1982. During his career, the singer has recorded 39 albums, released 136 music videos and six books. After the unexpected death of musician sales of his albums skyrocketed.