"Only with the permission of the Board of Trustees, if Shepelev will remain guardian. But while there are courts, no money Plato not touch. Dmitry Shepelev was the husband of Joan. Therefore, to claim the inheritance can not. But he calls himself the father of Plato to dispose of his money. We're in court contested his paternity," – said the lawyer Gennady Raschevsky.

The lawyer was told that it was included in the inheritance: "Jeanne's Apartment in Central Moscow owned three shares her mother, father, and Plato. Still has a country house in the suburbs. Half of it belonged to Jeanne, and now Plato. Dmitry could belong to half the house, but that's the case, if he will pay off the debt – because the mansion is fully paid Friske. The duty demanded of Jeanne's parents as her heirs".

As found "Komsomolskaya Pravda", the suburban home is 400 square meters on a plot of 30 acres with a view of the current position in the real estate market experts estimate about 26 to 31 million rubles (340-400 thousand euros, taking into account the total cost of the house and the land). That is, the estimated percentage of Plato here is about 170-200 thousand euros. Apartment of Zhanna Friske on the 12th floor in a high-rise on Krasnaya Presnya (total area of about 100 square meters) realtors estimated at 400-470 thousand euros. That is, when selling the share of a boy had to be even 130-157 thousand euros. In the end, the legacy of Plato only due to the property is from about 300-350 thousand euros.