Johnstone notes that Clinton has taken an aggressive foreign policy, while still being the Secretary of state. So, it supported the US invasion of Iraq, entry into the war in Libya, and now in favour of intervention in Syria against President Bashar al-Assad. Its role in destabilizing the Middle East is huge.

In addition, Clinton adheres to anti-Russian views. As emphasized by Johnstone, former Secretary of state is confident that the U.S. won the "cold war", so did not understand how the Russian leader Vladimir Putin, who is guided by the interests of Russia, may demand a "multipolar world".

According to Johnstone, the world should be afraid of "active activities" Clinton, campaign promises which are alarming. Former Secretary of state intends to use military power instead of diplomacy, to divide the world into "friends and enemies", as well as strengthen NATO to such an extent that any incident could lead to a third world war.