The court over the estate began in mid-September and now, according to the lawyer Maksakova, the arrest of almost all property and Bank accounts of Yulia Voronenkov, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

"Arrest is imposed only on the share of Vorontcovo Yulia is something that Maria and the children can claim. The evaluation of this property is far from a billion, was made in the press, because almost all that is earned, Boronenkov gave children from his marriage with Julia," — said the lawyer of Maria Maksakova, Tatyana Bogolyubovo.

He Boronenkov almost nothing owned. The bulk of the estate was bought in the name of relatives or texted to them in recent years. Mary Maksakova not designed almost nothing, and her son Ivan. Denis Boronenkov simply do not have time to do it.

The inheritance of the murdered Deputy of the state Duma — half of the property acquired by him in the marriage with former wife Julia from 1997 to 2015. It claimed four children Boronenkov: 25-year-old Catherine is the daughter from the first relationship, 19-year-old Nicholas and 16-year-old Ksenia — children from his marriage with Julia Voronenkov, one-year-old Ivan's son from his marriage with Maria Maksakova, herself an Opera singer and the mother of the murdered Deputy.

Maria Maksakova can claim part of the apartment on Tverskaya, which is already a year in the center of the scandal. During the life Boronenkov his neighbor — a businessman Evgeny Samusenko — filed for the MP to court accusing him of capture of joint area residents of a luxury home. We are talking about assigning Vorontsovym 133 meters of technical floor, after which the six-room apartment turned into a nine-room. According to Samusenko, this area should equally belong to all residents. Neighbor year proved their case to the judges, and in the end, on 26 September the court ruled in his favor.

Now, the author filed for Voronenkov Julia and her father's statement to the Investigating Committee under article "Swindle in especially large size". The businessman has calculated how much could be earned, for example, from the rental of the Piazza, and added their claims to compensation for damages of 40 million rubles. If the court of claims of the businessman to satisfy the amount of the damages will share 31 of the owner of apartments in the house. Samusenko expects to receive 800 thousand rubles, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

As reported, the only shelter, part of which may qualify Maksakova, is a four-room apartment in Moscow is 160 square meters of housing on the ninth floor of the buildings. But in this case, the ex-MP is only co-owner. The apartment is decorated on three owners: it, daughter Kseniya and son Nicholas.

According to the newspaper , Opera singer there are only houses and apartments, acquired before the marriage and Voronenkova. And the only gift that the ex-Deputy had to make his wife before departure to Ukraine, it is an apartment in the tower "Moscow-city".

Whereas Yulia Vorontcovo moved the main family house in the village of Larks on the ruble or two houses on four plots of land (the property is estimated at 600 million rubles). She also was the sole owner of the Moscow four-room apartments with an area of 226 squares in the residential complex "Kuntsevo".

Denis Voronenkov was shot in Kiev in March this year. The fugitive Deputy of the state Duma emigrated to Ukraine with his wife at the end of 2016. He received Ukrainian citizenship and gave testimony in the case of treason against the Ukrainian ex-President Viktor Yanukovych. Voronenkov has actively criticized the Russian authorities, was arrested in absentia in Russia on charges of fraud and declared in the international search.

In early October, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine called customers and organizers of murder Boronenkov. Ukrainian investigators believe that the husband of the famous singer Maria Maksakova "ordered" the former civil husband of the Opera diva, the father of her son and daughter, a Russian crime boss Vladimir Tyurin.

According to Maksakova, Ukrainian investigators have provided compelling evidence linking her to the murder. Boronenkov. This widow believes that her ex-husband alone would never have dared to go at murder.