52-summer Bellucci ironically commented on the fact that it is thought to be looks amazing. Just look at her picture in magazines — well, judging by this, the actress remained impressively fresh and attractive.

But the star said her main secret of youth and beauty is the use of photoshop. According to Monica Bellucci, only this tool allows her to still look amazing and timeless, and to be honest to the end, it saves the day all the stars and celebrities. The actress even thanked the editors, where there are pictures of her, because they diligently take care of retouch her wrinkles.

As for public appearances, Monica explained: beautiful appearance create high-quality make-up, correctly put light, knowing what position to take, and what the fans see a star from afar.

Bellucci admitted: the lives of women-Actresses subordinated to the desire how to look young longer due to the established stereotype, which obliges them to look perfect, literally around the clock. "Without all this it would be easy to do, but everyone thinks that the star needs to look perfect always," — shared his opinion of a film star.