However, the most active participants of the project — the mother of Irina Raitis Skrastina, which decided to organize his son's wedding in the Hawaiian style, though the bride's parents were strongly against it and even called my family a "redneck". Irina tried not to get angry and kept saying that everything is in the hands of fate. The reason for these words was shocking. It turned out that about 20 years ago the family suffered a horrible tragedy, about which spoke the whole of Latvia.

As it turned out the magazine Kas Jauns, Irina from a family that has suffered from shooting in a potato field in Iecava 20 September 1997. This tragedy is called one of the worst in the history of independent Latvia.

On that fateful day at the harvest of potatoes to the farm Murnieki went 11 people. Among them was the family of the husband of Irina. The woman with the children going on the field, but a little late. Irina told Kas Jauns, that it saved her and her children's lives.

While the woman was going on the field 7 out of 11 people were killed, one seriously wounded, only three managed to escape. In the shooting died the grandmother of the protagonist show that his grandfather, my father's sister, cousin and other relatives. The guy's father later committed suicide.

Shooter Yuri Chubarov lived there, on the shooting of the family of the husband of Irina, he decided because of a dispute over the estate. In the late 80's he bought Murnieki, but in the 90 the lands around the farm were the owners who wanted her back. In 1997, the year the house burnt down, and although it was considered an accident, Chubarov vinyl new owners. To search for the arrow were attracted 500 people the murderer was found dead, he shot himself.

Irina after the tragedy turned to the esoteric and made sense of his life nurturing and protecting their children. Only 15 years after the tragedy, she met a man whom she married.

The woman told the magazine that the wedding show she feels that she gained a family in the face of the bride's relatives Agnes.

The woman from Belarus, she came to Latvia after the 8th grade to study at the Railway technical school. Then on distribution has got to the railway station in Iecava, where she met the father of Raitis.

Recall that in a wedding show TV3 channel involves three couples and their relatives. The task of the latter is to organize wedding party for young for 7000 euros. Main characters: Daria Rogalev (26) and Dmitry Pallo (34), Ieva Bernstein (25) and Arthur Yanishev (28), and 21-year-old Raitis Systitis and Agnese Barkan.