The message about the death of the policy confirmed by his lawyer Stefan Holthoff-Pfertner. The Christian democratic Union (CDU), the perennial leader of which was Helmut Kohl, expressed their sorrow at his death.

Helmut Kohl was born in 1930 in Ludwigshafen in a religious Catholic family. At the University of Frankfurt am main and Heidelberg he studied law, history and political science. The Christian democratic Union, which he chaired in 1973, Kohl joined a high — school student in 1946. A Bundestag Deputy from the party Since was from 1976 to 2002.

In 1982 Helmut Kohl became Chancellor in the first in the history of the Bundestag successful vote of no confidence in the current Federal Chancellor Helmut Schmidt and the collapse of the coalition between the Social democratic party of Germany (SPD) and Free democratic party (FDP). In power Since remained a record time of 16 years.

In recent years, ex-Chancellor was seriously ill. After a head injury, which he received in the fall, Since 2008, moved in a wheelchair.