"What is happening in Washington: the President is not a representative of the political establishment, so for some reason people have decided that they want to get rid of it," said Scaramucci television channel host George Stephanopoulos.

According to Scaramucci in Washington, including the White house, there are people who "do not necessarily promote the interests of the President or his agenda".

The journalist asked the former head of the press service of the trump to name specific names. According to Scaramucci, he had already "named some names" and then in the White house there was a strategic reshuffle.

Scaramucci also noted that Trump needs to involve "more loyalist" to continue to work on their agenda.

After his appointment to the White house, the former financier Anthony of Scaramucci immediately appeared in the center of the scandal.

Director of communications, in a telephone conversation with a reporter obscenely spoke to two colleagues: former head of administration of the Raines Primose, and Advisor to the President Steve Bannon.

In the end, he was fired 10 days after his appointment: the head of the press service was able to work from 21 July to 1 August.

Scaramucci later explained that he thought that talking to a reporter off the record.
Pribus and a spokesman for trump Sean Spicer resigned following the appointment of Scaramucci.