Previously, MEP Inese Vaidere has written to attorney General Eric Calmeyers a letter with a request to assess the opinion of the mayor of Riga nil Ushakov about the damage from the Soviet occupation and to bring him to justice. According to Vaidere, published Ushakov social media cartoon makes it clear that Latvia is to blame for the occupation and subsequent illegal actions, and damages in the amount of 185 billion euros wants to recover from Russia. Vaidere believes that Ushakov should be prosecuted for denial and justification of genocide against the Latvian Republic.


Full text publications by Iveta Strautini (translated from the Latvian language, the original)

On compensation, the history and the future of our state!

Why I, as the wife of the Nile Ushakov, the head of the office of the mayor, the man who worked together with the people's party, TB/LNNK, finally as a Latvian, who was brought up among the Latvian spirit, with observance of all Latvian folk traditions, folk songs and Raimonds Pauls, people, whose ancestors were exiled and protect him in this situation with a caricature, which caused a wide resonance?

  1. Caricature has nothing to do with the past. This figure does not give grounds to speak about the occupation, its recognition or denial, of the sufferings of exiled Latvian citizens and committed at the time of the crime, as it is trying now to interpret the individual right-wing politicians.
  2. This cartoon is about the present and about the future – the way in which, unfortunately, is our government!
  3. Russia was, is and will be our neighbour, an important partner in the economy and cultural life. The centuries are Russian-speaking inhabitants of Latvia, and these people, born and brought up here who call Latvia as their homeland, will continue to live on this earth!
  4. Instead, it would use its geographical position to exploit the potential of many talented and educated people, we are extremely engaged in the trituration of historical facts and use them in political processes – for strong rhetoric and slogans.
  5. I will mention only a few examples. Latvia is now experiencing a rapid decline in turnover in all ports. "Latvijas dzelzceļš" as at the beginning of the year reported a fall in turnover of 20%. During the years of independence we actually destroyed our manufacturing - sugar factory, "Liepājas metalurgs" and others. In fact, stolen the Bank "Citadele", it is unclear why requires enormous financial investments in the national airline "AirBaltic". We see that businesses are moving their production to Estonia or Lithuania, and the reasons are obvious – in these countries a clear and predictable tax policy, the correct attitude of the agencies controlling the collection of taxes. The threatened strike of teachers and health workers. People continue to leave the country, leading to shortages of labour and reducing the total number of enterprises, and it is all thanks to the shortsighted policy of the state!
  6. All this time, since the introduction of the Russian embargo, we could say that culture is above politics, unites and enriches. Now the Ministry of culture has not even signed the Treaty with Russia on cooperation in the sphere of culture!
  7. What we do – we have chosen the Seimas and the government? Every year we spend tens of thousands on the development and maintenance of various commissions, dealing with counting by only they know the formulas of the damage caused to Latvia. The probability that we will repay at least something tiny. But again and again create a platform for political debates about the terrible the Kremlin, his past acts! Although the USSR no longer exists! Russia is an independent state, which, incidentally, is headed by M. Gorbachev and B. Yeltsin contributed to the restoration of Latvia's independence.
  8. This is all on one side, ruining the already not simple relations between countries, harms to businessmen who pay taxes and add to government coffers, reduces the chances for businesses to return to the Russian market when sanctions will be lifted. On the other hand is sow hatred in the country. Those born here are not Russian and can't be held responsible for the crimes of Stalin, as Latvia is their Motherland!
  9. How can we talk about the integration of refugees and immigrants, about some of the programmes on social cohesion, if there are still doctors who, breaking the Hippocratic oath and refuse to treat children who do not speak Latvian!
  10. We have so many problems within the state that call for immediate solutions, so many needs that need to spend money, so many smart and talented people, whose knowledge and capacity would need to be utilized for the good of the country. So let's spend money on the future, on an elaborate tax policy, the economy, and not on analysis of the facts of the past in favor of short-term political purposes and to political slogans!

Caring about the present and the future of their country, we will always remember the victims of the repression, to tell children the history of their people and preserve sacred memory about them!