Earlier, the Polish sub-Commission investigating the crash of Kaczynski, said that on the left wing of the liner have been found traces of blast.

"It is absolutely unclear on what basis these another conclusion of the Polish experts. When conducting immediately after the disaster, ballistic and explosion and technical expertise are no signs of impact on the plane of explosives it was revealed not", — said Petrenko.

According to her, based on all available information "and the Russian and Polish experts in 2011 came to the unequivocal conclusion that the collision with the birch resulted in the beginning of the destruction of the aircraft, no damage of the vessel before the collision with the birch was not".

In addition, the representative of the UK stressed that the debris are stored on the territory of Russia as material evidence in a criminal investigation the Investigative Committee.

"However, no additional examinations or investigations of the wreckage of the Polish party, including members of the new Polish investigation Commission, since 2014 was not made", — she concluded.

Tu-154 crashed on 10 April 2010 when landing near the military airfield of Smolensk-North. Killed all who were on Board, eight crew members and 88 passengers, including Polish President Lech Kaczynski, his spouse and part of the leadership of the country. They were heading for the memorial events in Katyn.